Justo cuando venia tratando de recuperar bolsillo me encuentro con la noticia de que The Offspring nos visita en Septiembre nuevamente.
En muchas oportunidades quise verlos y en estos más de 25años que los quiero ver nunca pude ir!
Suelen existir momentos en la vida cuando justo hay otro recital al que le prestas más atención o no hay dinero disponible. Me pasó con varias bandas y las tengo en una lista de DEBO VER.
Esta oportunidad no la voy a dejar pasar.- Ya hay información disponible en Ticketek!

FECHA: Martes 6 Septiembre 2016 Pta:17Hs

Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas
Gutenberg 350,C1427CQD,Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires
011 5291-4019
Los tickets tendrán un precio promocional hasta el Jueves 15 de Junio.

Precio Promocional
CAMPO (DE PIE) – $750.00 + $75*
PLATEA (DE PIE) – $600.00 + $60*
PREFERENCIAL(DE PIE) – $900.00 + $90*
Al precio indicado, se suma el costo por servicio

(Estos precios son de referencia segun la pagina de Ticketek, sujetas a cambiar posterior a la publicación del post)



Una nueva presentación de MALA MEDICINA !!!
Después de las exitosas fechas en Capital Federal, ahora llega a zona sur, presentando su última producción ” AVE FÉNIX “.
Centro Cultural ” No Me Olvides ” ( Av. Meeks 490 – Lomas de Zamora ).

Visita el evento en FACEBOOK acá




Llegaste a la puerta de mi casa una madrugada pre tormenta de Noviembre de 2012.
Estaba lista para ir a trabajar y veo q estabas sentado en la calle mirando para adentro y empezaste a llorisquear y ladrar como hablandome.
“Dejame entrar”
“Dale estoy viejo y cansado”
” Por favor se avecina una tormenta y me asustan”
Vi tus ojos, amorosos y sabios. ¿¡Como no te iba a dejar entrar!?
Ojos de guerreros que vieron pasar muchas noches callejeras, muchos dias de hambre.
Cuerpo con cicatrices de mil batallas , un sobreviviente. Un viejo guerrero.
Con las orejas faltando pedazos, apenas unos dientes, el cranero hundido de algun golpe al cual sanaste cual wolverine canino.-
Las patas chuecas, una pierna torcida por algun auto que no te vio pero seguro siguio de largo luego de pegarte-
La cadera de costado pero con vitalidad para saltar aunque sea dos veces para saludarme cuando llegaba de trabajar.-
INVENCIBLE! Por eso te bautizamos CHUCK NORRIS.-
Eras mi dulce Norris, mi viejito, el sabio regalo de los cielos que vino a bendecirme ya que ni bien te uniste a la familia , enseguida nos enterabamos del milagro de Matias.-
A veces siento que no te dedique el tiempo que merecias, siento que pude cuidarte más. Estos años que justo caiste fueron de tanto cambio y tan locos.
Viste convertirme en soltera sin preocupaciones, a pasar a ser madre, esposa manejando mas cosas de las que a veces podia.-
Perdoname si no pude darte mas caricias, o prestarte atención cuando me mordias los tobillos porque querias jugar.
Espero haberte brindado algo de tranquilidad,seguridad,amor y comfort a tus últimos años viejo querido.
Es hora de que sigas vagueando pero esta vez entre las nubes, saludame a Buck y a Chili Pepper que seguro te esperan para jugar.-
Q.E.P. D. mi viejo Norris-

You came to my door one November morning of 2012 before a big storm.
I was ready to go to work and I saw q you were sitting on the street looking in
and you started to whimper and bark like speaking to me.
“Let me in”
“C’mon I’m old and tired”
“Please storm is coming and I’m scared”
I saw your eyes, loving and wise. How was i not going to let you in!?
Eyes of a warrior who saw too many street nights and many days of hunger.
Scarred body of a thousand battles, a survivor. An old warrior.
With ears missing pieces, only a few teeth, sunken skull from some blow which seemed to heal like you where a canine Wolverine.-
Crooked paws, a crooked leg for some car that did not see you but surely kept on driving after it hit you.
Hip joints old but with enough vitality to jump at least twice to greet me when I came back from work.-
INVINCIBLE! That’s why I named you CHUCK NORRIS.-
You were my sweet Norris, my old man, the wise gift from heavens that came to bless me. As soon as you joined the family,we learned of the miracle of me being pregnant with Matias.-
Sometimes I feel I didn’t give you the attention you deserved, I feel that I could have taken care of you more.
These years were just with so much change and so crazy.
You watched me become from a carefree single woman, to a mother and wife handling more than I could at times.
Forgive me if I could not pet you more, or pay attention to you when you bit my ankles because you wanted to play.
I hope I have provided some security, love and comfort these last final years.
It’s time you continue your journey but this time through the clouds in the sky, say hello to Buck and Chili Pepper for me. Im sure
they are waiting for you to play with them Rest in peace my dear old Norris


Recently finished , my Suicide Squad Harley Quinn inspired amigurumi doll .
I used a basic pattern I  came up with and usually use  and just change the details.
She was quite easy to do, except for the pants, that multicolor knitting for a second had me stumped. I need to knit a Joker or a Poison Ivy to keep her compañy

Im working on writing down the exact pattern for sharing.-
If you are interested send me a message in facebook —> Alice In Zombieland
And dont forget to hit the Like button.-


Since last post its been two weeks. And I am feeling awesome!
Just in case you are reading this and missed out on what I am talking about, you can check it out here –> ✿◕‿◕✿

I had to come up with a name, title, description i wanted for these kind of posts, so from now on they will be know as Time For Change Entries.-
I didn’t want to add the word, diet, or fitness, or exercise or any of that since the real meaning is the journey and it involves so many things!
Like I said before  I haven’t got much of a clue of what I am doing so I cant add a title to this.- All I am certain is that I need a change.-

Like I mentioned previously I am felling great!
Now so far I am just on the food part. Since my toddler was sick I couldn’t get out to test some exercise routines, so that will have to wait. Whats the hurry anyway right?
What I have been doing is the following:
* I cut down on Bread, Pasta,Cakes and pastries,Biscuits, Doughnuts, etc (yes, all that’s yummy in the world)
* No more cold cuts, hamburgers (store bought) or hot dogs.
* No more chocolate and sweets

Now one of my biggest problems is that I am a very anxious person, I cant stay still and I get the munchies (in a nervous sort of way) often, and since I stopped smoking when I learned I was pregnant, its been very,very,hard.-
A way I am dealing with this is that when I get into ” must have food” mode, is with simple cereal.- Plain cornflakes, no sugar. Pour a little bowl and have a couple of flakes at a time.
So far its been working great!


When I feel extreme lack of energy  (remember that one starts cutting down on calories, of course you will get light headed with lower energy) I have some Trail Mix ready at hand.-
Now there are many points of views regarding the type of calories that these provide. I am just starting to read some articles, but one point in common is that depends what you add to your trail Mix, can result more or less calories.  That’s why I make my own, since a lot of store bought are really packed with calories,and its more convenient since I can chose the seeds and nuts to my taste and needs.
I usually keep it simple and with no sugar-sweetened dry fruits.

When I do have the need to have something sweet ASAP, I found that Puffed Rice and Corn Bar treats are actually good!
I cant find an image for the ones they sell here in Diet Stores. But a pack a size of a tablet just has 90 calories aprox.


I have learned pretty much these past two weeks. I think that this way I am not seeing this a “diet experience” to lose, weight. But a way to “teach” myself new things and to live in a healthier way.-

Well so far this is what my two weeks have been like, in a couple of weeks i will come back to see what else is new!

Thanks for reading!






Starting over

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Its been a while and I am not sure where to start.
So I will just start writing and see where it goes.
Like most of the women on this planet I am not happy with my looks.
I guess it dawned me when I went on vacations with my son and realized how bad I looked and I didnt want my picture taken from the chest down.
My first holiday alone with my son and I didnt want to get any photo of me.
And its all my fault. After my pregnancy and giving birth to my baby boy 2 1/2 years ago I have not been taking care of myself.
I have always loved my strong curvy body. A mix a viking shieldmaiden and amazon princess that will kick your ass. I never wanted to be skinny I just wanted to be healthy.
But these past years for reasons unknown I havent dedicated time for me.
From being a careless 38 year old single woman I found myself being a mother,wife with a full time job outside and inside the home.
I never lost the baby weight and yo-yo dieted without excersise or a good program.
Well this year I decided to take care if me.
I decided to revive this old blog and use it as a journal of the progress and discoveries of my journey to getting fit again.
Maybe someone will read this,maybe no one will.
But at least it will give me the support I need.
I am almost 40 years old and things are not easy like when I was a teen or in my twenties.
Being a mom so late in life did take a toll on my body but its no excuse and I have to get healthy again.
I know I have no idea what I will be doing or eating but I hope to figure things out as a I go.
I have been to doctors and nutricion specialist. So I have a base to work on. But they where not much help.
Due to my back problems I have limited excersise options.
Yoga or Theraphy Swimming. Eeek to both… they did let me walk and some bicycle but no more than an hour a day.
Also 70% of the food they gave me I DONT LIKE.
I have been reading some other blogs that have been helpfull. I hope I can do the same with this one.
Lets begin!
Initial weight 95 kilograms
209.44 pounds

El Viernes 11 de Diciembre en Teatro Vorterix (Av. Federico Lacroze 3455, CABA) en el que estarán presentando su último trabajo NOITA y  tocando todos sus clásicos.

Bandas Invitadas: Cernunnos – Zrÿmgoll – Einher Skald.

Entradas : http://www.ticketek.com.ar/korpiklaani/teatro-vorterix