Things That Annoy Me

Publicado: noviembre 17, 2012 en Queenie's Chronicles- Crónicas de Queenie

In just one day, I made a little list of things that really ticked me off. Since I got up in the morning, until I went to sleep at night, this is what I gathered in just ONE DAY:

* People who smoke while walking on a crowded street. : Why? Why do that? I smoke, but still its icky and yucky to be breathing exhaled smoke from other peoples mouth. On a personal note I never smoke while walking, it very unlady like.

* Women with impossible shoes that delay everything when you are walking. I mean… COME ON! If you can’t walk those clubber platform in-fashion shoes, don’t use them! Or worse, with high heels , wobbling pitifully , it’s kind of funny and sad at the same time. Not everyone can pull of certain shoes.

* The people that rush in to the opening doors of the subway like it’s a run for their lives. If you do not let me out, I can’t let you in. Simple physics.

* Girls who wear all that is in boga at the same time. Big mistake, Huge mistake. Flower print + animal print + neon colored accessories + bright red / blue makeup + elaborate braids x all together = Big disaster.

* Asking for ketchup in Burger King and getting one pack of ketchup for 5 orders of Onion Rings. Dude! hello, five of us and just one ketchup… you really want to start a bloodbath now?

* At the doctor’s office, just 2 minutes late for your appointment, the receptionist bitches at you for being late. But then informs you the Dr has a 45 min delay. Bastards!!!!

* Having to sit next to adolescent spoiled brat bitching and whining on the phone that her parents didn’t get her the Ipad she wanted for her birthday and that her life was over and so ruined, that she just had to survive with her crappy Iphone (newest one out by the way….) and then seeing her tweet and tweet about how she wants to kill herself, and that she would get back at her parents by not eating or sleeping around….. I really wanted to grab that little snot by the neck, and give her a dose of reality, and slap her around a while as well. But being ilegal…… i just imagine what that child’s crude awakening will be like shortly.

That just happened yesterday…………….I am guessing I will be adding more things in near future.


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