Emilie Autumn & The Bloody Crumpets – Personal review of the show in Argentina- Dec 1-2012

Publicado: diciembre 2, 2012 en Band Dates - Fechas Bandas, Concerts - Recitales

How do I begin? First of all I guess by apologizing for the quality of the photos, my camera was not having a good day and I lost 5 videos in the memory somewhere..,,,also its too bad that I am so short, but I am guessing a lot of the guys in front row got better pictures I will be more than happy to share with later on.
Below you will find my humble little photos and a little review of the wonderful EA show.

As we all know (I imagine) the FLAG South American Tour was supposed to hit September 15th the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Due to our dear Emilie being sick, it got pushed to a different date and venue.

I am not very fond of the Salon Reducci, not the place (although the esthetics of the decor fit perfectly) nor the neighborhood (not so safe for little girls with little curls and corsets and dresses) but it could have been worse.
Just dealing with the local Drag Queens that plague the neighborhood is quite funny.-
The sound was pretty good, but the lighting, oh dear god!  It was just too dark!

As the place filled up it was wonderful to see so many diverse creatures. Dads with their daughters, young moms with their daughters, big brothers with their little brothers. So many different ages, it must be one of the latest concerts that I didn’t feel so old! And also it was astonishing to see how many Male fans. I mean (no offense guys, I totally mean this in a good way and you know it) a lot of straight male fans, totally in love with the girls.
One of the guys stood out and I HAD to take his picture. The guy actually took his shirt off at the end of the show when Emilie said : “All right that its everyone take your clothes off and give them to me” (as a joke because she was receiving so many gifts from local Plague Rats and Muffins) and threw it at her. She caught it, laughed and said : “Oh my and he is cute too!”

A lot of crazy moments and I am trying to sort them out in my head, but I might say my favorites where:
* The lovely Maggie  diving into the audience in a perfect mosh revival, crazy girl!
* The raffle of the wheelchair used in the show! I am trying to still find out who got it and ask for pictures.
* Obviously the Rat Game
* The moment when singing One Foot …. the PR lifted all little paper signs with a Rat printed on it, she was very touched, and was handed many of these, to which she promised she would wallpaper the Asylum walls with.
* I have never seen so many guys! Drooling over the girls in a funny way, sorry it was just funny and adorable!
* The security guards…Those guys didnt miss a beat of the show, and I caught them laughing, and dancing  and clapping, and cheering. Dudes you where next to me I saw you!

Well a lot has been posted by Emilie, Maggie, The Asylum headmistress, you can read more info here: Now the Asylum belongs to you…

Below I leave you with the photos 🙂 Hope you enjoy them.

Gotta go….it’s time for tea….. 






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