Vindicator Maraad Amigurumi (World of Warcraft)

Publicado: septiembre 20, 2014 en Amigurumi
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From time to time I get amigurumi doll requests that are very interesting and sometimes a challenge.
When a friend of mine wanted me to make a World Of Warcraft character for her boyfriend, I said
” Sure! No problem”
And then I saw it.-
Vindicator Maraad
What did I get myself into??!!
But of course challenge accepted anyway! She wanted a cute, kinda Kawaii version of it, not so many details, but enough to recognize who it was.-

So on I was logging into Mr Google to find out more about him.
Now I don’t know much about W.O.W. but I can totally understand why so many are fascinated by it!
I spent a long time just reading random stuff on the W.O.W. Wiki page

Anywy, here is my simple version of Vindicator Maraad Amigurumi.
I dont have the pattern since i just took random notes, but i will try to clear them up and post it.
Sorry about the photo quality, couldnt find my camera 🙂

Vindicator Maraad_oVindicator Maraad_7_oVindicator Maraad_2e_o


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