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We all need a BABY GROOT in our lives!
Its undeniable. !! So here are my two versions of Baby Groot.

One is from Guardians of The Galaxy and the other a more grown up, but still Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For the Baby Groot in the plant pot I followed the pattern that Twinkie Chan posted to her blog right here (Click Me) 

For the Baby Groot in Uniform, I kind of made it up as it goes, but I found a basic similar pattern for the body . I really wish I wrote the stitches down! 20170529_16400320170529_16415520170529_164347

Recently finished , my Suicide Squad Harley Quinn inspired amigurumi doll .
I used a basic pattern I  came up with and usually use  and just change the details.
She was quite easy to do, except for the pants, that multicolor knitting for a second had me stumped. I need to knit a Joker or a Poison Ivy to keep her compañy

Im working on writing down the exact pattern for sharing.-
If you are interested send me a message in facebook —> Alice In Zombieland
And dont forget to hit the Like button.-


I was making a little list of the fantasy movies I loved as a child (Labyrinth, Legend, Ladyhawke,Willow, Dragonslayer, The Never Ending Story, Return to Oz, Red Sonja) but just could not remember The Dark Crystal.

I had images of this movie in my head for a while now….and for the love of God i couldnt remember the name of the movie!

All I rememeber was it scared the crap outta me when I was a kid and first saw it in the early ’80s.

Thanks to one of my lovely twitter friends, Lady Cyanide, who posted about the movie, I was able to get a flush of images and sensations back.

And also thanks to Mr Google, I took a little trip through memory lane… a bit about the movie facts and watched the movie again.

End result?

The SKEKSIS (characters in the movie) still scare the crap outta me……. !!!!!!!!

Below some movie info and images 🙂

· The Dark Crystal is a 1982 British-American fantasy film directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. It tells the story of Jen, an elflike ‘Gelfling’ on a quest to restore balance to his alien world by returning a lost shard to a powerful but broken gem.-

· Although marketed as a family film, it was notably darker than the creators’ previous material. The animatronics used in the film were considered groundbreaking. The primary concept artist was the fantasy illustrator Brian Froud, famous for his distinctive faerie and dwarf designs.

· Before its release, The Dark Crystal was billed as the first live-action film without any human beings on screen, and “a showcase for cutting-edge animatronics”.

· Originally, Jim Henson wanted the Skeksis to speak their own constructed language with the dialogue subtitled in English. This idea was dropped after test screening audiences found the captions too distracting.-

· The hands and facial features of the groundbreaking animatronic puppets in the film were controlled with relatively primitive rods and cables, although radio control later took over many of the subtler movements.-

· Human performers inside the puppets supplied basic movement for the larger creatures, which in some cases was dangerous or exhausting; for example, the Garthim costumes were so heavy that the performers had to be hung up on a rack every few minutes to rest while still inside the costume.-

· The Dark Crystal was released in 858 theaters in North America on December 17, 1982. In its initial weekends, it had a limited appeal with audiences for various reasons including parental concerns about its dark nature, creative connections with Henson’s family-friendly Muppet franchise and because it was overshadowed by the film’s competition over the Christmas of that year.-

· The film has gained a cult following over the years since its release.-


the skeksis

the skeksis

The Dark Crystal movie image

Mientras estaba revisando y leyendo articulos, me cruce con unas fotos de Nancy. A todo esto yo la reconocia solo como la novia de Sid Vicios, bajista de los Sex Pistols, pero nunca me habia fijado mucho en ella.
Hoy dedico unas lineas y muchas fotos que encontre con respecto a esta mujer que realmente tenia una historia muy interesante.

 Nancy Spungen

Nancy Spungen nació el 27 de febrero de 1958; hija de Frank y Deborah Spungen.
Los Spungen eran una familia judía de clase media asentada en Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania (Estados Unidos).
Ella nació un mes y medio antes de la fecha prevista y sufrió por ello cianosis. De pequeña era hiperactiva, y exhibía un comportamiento violento hacia sus hermanos (Susan y David). Spungen llegó incluso a intentar matar a su niñera y a atacar a su madre con un martillo durante una discusión acerca de una película.
A los 11 años, fue expulsada del colegio y recibió psicoterapia. Intentó suicidarse muchas veces y sufría de depresión. Su familia la envió a varios internados para niños problemáticos.

Adolescencia y muerte
Nancy se marchó de su casa a los 17 años (1975) para mudarse a Nueva York. Allí se hizo “groupie” (nombre dado a las fans de bandas musicales que se acuestan con sus ídolos), siguiendo a Aerosmith, The New York Dolls y The Ramones. Más tarde trabajó de stripper en la ciudad, donde también ejerció la prostitución. Se trasladó a Londres, donde conoció a los Sex Pistols. El líder y cantante Johnny Rotten le presentó al bajista Sid Vicious, y ellos pronto comenzaron a salir.
Durante su dura y corta relación (11 meses), Spungen y Vicious abusaron de la heroína y otras drogas. Vicious ya era adicto a múltiples sustancias antes de conocer a Nancy, pero muchos opinan que ella le introdujo en la heroína [cita requerida]. Los periódicos la apodaron Nancy Nauseabunda por sus frecuentes exhibiciones de violencia y mal lenguaje. La dependencia de Sid a ella interfirió en los Sex Pistols, y contribuyó a la ruptura del grupo durante su tour por los Estados Unidos (San Francisco, 1978). Nancy y Sid se mudaron entonces al famoso hotel Chelsea en Nueva York, donde Vicious intentó, con poco éxito, continuar con su carrera musical.
El abuso de las drogas y la violencia doméstica acabaron con todo el 12 de octubre de 1978, cuando Nancy fue encontrada en bragas y sujetador tirada en el suelo del baño de la habitacion 100 (a los 20 años). Los detalles de la muerte de Nancy aún son desconocidos, pero se sospechaba que fue Sid quien acabó con ella: murió desangrada por una puñalada en el abdomen con un cuchillo de Vicious (cuchillo de caza regalado por Dee Dee Ramone después de un concierto) [cita requerida]. Sid fue arrestado inmediatamente, pero después fue liberado por falta de pruebas. También corre el rumor de que quien asesinó a Nancy fue uno de los traficantes de drogas que solía negociar con Sid y con ella que se reunió con ellos esa misma noche. Se cree que fue un estilo de ajuste de cuentas, ya que le debían dinero y esa noche también desaparecieron algunas de las pertenencias que la pareja guardaba en la habitación.


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Idiocracy is a 2006 American satirical Science fiction comedy, directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph and Dax Shepard.

The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernation experiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences.



The Queen of the Damned

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The Queen of the Damned (1988) is the third novel of Anne Rice‘s The Vampire Chronicles series. It follows Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat. This novel is a continuation of the story that ends in a cliffhanger in The Vampire Lestat and explores the rich history and mythology of the origin of the vampires, which dates back to Ancient Egypt.

This  is about the Anne Rice novel. For the 2002 movie adaptation of the novel, see Queen of the Damned (film).

Plot summary

Part One follows several different people over the same period of several days. Several of the characters appear in the two previous books, including Armand, Daniel (the “boy reporter” of Interview with the Vampire), Marius, Louis, Gabrielle and Santino. Each of the six chapters in Part One tells a different story about a different person or group of people. Two things unify these chapters: a series of dreams about red-haired twin sisters, and the fact that a powerful being is killing vampires around the world by manner of spontaneous combustion.

Pandora and Santino rescue Marius, having answered his telepathic call for help. Marius informs his rescuers that Akasha has been awakened by Lestat, or rather his rock music, for he has joined a rock band of mortals named Alex, Larry and Tough Cookie. Having been awaken by Lestat’s rebellious music, Akasha destroys her husband Enkil and plots to rule the world. Akasha is also revealed as the source of the attacks on other vampires.

Part Two takes place at Lestat’s concert. Jesse, a member of the secret Talamasca and relative of Maharet, is mortally injured while attending the concert, and is taken to Maharet’s Sonoma compound where she is made into a vampire. The vampires from Part One later congregate in the Sonoma compound. The only vampires not present are Akasha and Lestat. Akasha has abducted Lestat and takes him as an unwilling consort to various locations in the world, inciting women to rise up and kill the men who (they feel) have oppressed them.

Part Three takes place at Maharet’s home in a Sonoma forest. There Maharet tells the story of Akasha and the red-haired twins (who are, in fact, Maharet and her sister, Mekare) to Pandora, Jesse, Marius, Santino, Eric, Armand, Daniel, Louis and Gabrielle. Also present are Mael and Khayman, who already know the story. (see “Maharet and Mekare“)

In Part Four, Akasha confronts the gathered vampires at Maharet’s compound. There she explains her plans and offers the vampires a chance to be her ‘angels’ in her New World Order. Akasha plans to kill 90 percent of the world’s human men, and to establish a new Eden in which women will worship Akasha as a goddess. The vampires’ refusal of her offer will result in their deaths. The vampires refuse to join her; but before Akasha can destroy them, Mekare enters. Mekare kills Akasha by severing her head. Mekare then consumes Akasha’s brain and heart, thereby saving the lives of the remaining vampires and becoming the new ‘Queen of the Damned.’

In Part Five, the vampires leave Maharet’s compound and assemble at Armand’s resort, the “Night Island,” (according to Anne Rice, inspired by Fire Island) in Florida to recover. They eventually go their separate ways (as told in The Tale of the Body Thief). Lestat takes Louis to see David Talbot in London. After their brief visit with Talbot they depart into the night, an incensed Louis and his angry words filling Lestat with glee.

The Origin of Vampires

The Queen of the Damned, the novel, deals with the origins of vampires themselves. The mother of all vampires, Akasha, begins as a pre-Egyptian queen, in a land called Kemet [which will become Egypt], many thousands of years ago. During this time two powerful witches (Maharet and Mekare) live in the mountains of an unnamed region. The witches are able to communicate with invisible spirits and gain simple favors from them. During this period there is a bloodthirsty, invisible spirit known as Amel who continually asks the two witches if they need his assistance, although they prudently decline the offer. The witches’ village is destroyed and they are incarcerated by the king and queen, who desire their knowledge. When the witches offends Akasha, the Queen condemns the twins. Enkil then orders his chief steward (who is Khayman as a mortal man) to rape the twins in his stead, which would prove their lack of power, before the eyes of the court. Afterward the witches are cast out into the desert. While making her way back home with a pregnant Maharet, Mekare curses the king and queen secretly with the bloodthirsty spirit. Eventually this spirit inflicts such torment on Akasha and Enkil that they again demand advice and help from the two witches.

Conspirators, unhappy with the young king’s policies, assassinate the royal couple in Khayman’s house whilst they were attempting to exorcise Amel, who had been tormenting Khayman. While the king and queen lie dying, the evil spirit sees its chance to ensnare the soul of the dying queen and pulls it back into her body. The spirit combines itself with the flesh and blood of the queen, transforming her into a vampire. Akasha allows the king to drink her blood, which saves his life. They then order Khayman to find the witches and bring them back to Egypt so that they could use their knowledge of spirits to help them, as they feel guilty because of their thirst for blood. However, when the witches admit that they cannot help the monarchs, Akasha orders the mutilation of the witches: Maharet loses her eyes and Mekare her tongue. Afterward, Khayman, who had been turned into a vampire by Akasha, comes to the witches’ cell and turns them too. The three flee together, but are caught by Akasha’s soldiers. Khayman escapes, but Maharet and Mekare are further punished. The witches are put into two separate coffins which are then set afloat on two separate bodies of water. They are only reunited near the end of the novel Queen of the Damned.

In Mekare’s absence, Maharet returns to watch over her daughter and her descendants. Maharet’s descendants become what she calls the Great Family. A maternal line, the Great Family includes every culture, religion, ethnicity, and race. The Great Family represents all humanity and shows the vampires what Akasha would destroy with the creation of her New World Order.

As the source of all vampires, Akasha is connected to all vampires by the blood and spirit they collectively share. In an experiment by the first Keeper, Akasha and Enkil are exposed to sunlight when they are several thousand years old. This merely darkens their skin. However, the result on all other vampires is extreme, and many of the weakest vampires die, thus confirming the legend that anything that harms Akasha will also directly affect all of her progeny.



The first female horror host, Vampira, was the persona of Maila Nurmi. The character was created in 1954 when Maila was a horror host at KABC-TV in Los Angeles, which after a two year run, moved over to KHJ-TV. The idea for For Vampira was born when Maila attended choreographer Lester Horton’s annual Bal Caribe Masquerade in a costume inspired by a character in the cartoons of Charles Addams.

Her pale white skin and tight black dress caught the attention of television producer Hunt Stromberg, Jr. who wanted to hire her to host horror movies.


Unfortuntely, Stromberg had no idea how to contact her, but luckily he finally got her phone number from Rudi Gernreich. As for the Vampira name itself, that was thought up by Nurmi’s husband, Dean Riesner.

The beloved lady really hit the big time when she joined the legendary Bela Lugosi in the classic cult film Planet 9 from Outer Space (1956). After the successful run of her TV show she went on to make even more movies.

In the 1980s Maila sued Cassandra Peterson for stealing her Vampira persona to create Elvira, but the suit didn’t result in anything.

On January 10, 2008, Nurmi died at the age of 85. She was buried in the Griffith Lawn section of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.