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This one is a basic and easy pattern. I found it translated in Spanish and its a PDF file ready for download.- 
You can find the link to this one here .



*The photos are below of the amigurumi are made by me. They are my creation.
*This pattern is NOT my creation, I did not write it. I am simply sharing it. You can find the Written Pattern following this Link
*Original Pattern is creation of Betsi Brunson 

I came across the a big challenge. One I was avoiding … but I knew i would have to face.

Follow a a Japanese pattern.
I mean c’mon….you look at a pattern and it looks like the design plans for a nuclear reactor or something!

So basically since I really wanted to try this Kitty out, I sat down with yarn , crochet needle,pen & paper and started to figure it out as I knitted.  It actually wasn’t that hard that way.  If you have been crocheting for some time, you already know how to guess some basic rounds that are usually always the same.
You can find the original pattern for download as well as several other patterns by clicking HERE .
Now I modified the pieces a bit, for example I didn’t do the hind legs.
I used the ears of the bigger model.
I didn’t add the color patches like specified.
Since I used a different needle and yarn than recommended, the place of where eyes went is a bit different then where recommended.
Just a few observations that might help when you try this pattern.

*The photos are below of the amigurumi are made by me. They are my creation.
*This pattern is NOT my creation, I did not write it. I am simply sharing it. You can find the Original Written Pattern following this  Link
*Original Pattern creation information is found in  AMUUSE.

I saw this pattern on line and I loved how simple it was, and also how versatile.
You can mix and match colors and change stitches as you please.
I modified a bit from the original version to make little Zombie, Dracula or Frankenstein Cats.
Here are some rough photos of when i started making the litter of kitties, details still missing of course.
I haven’t made new ones, and I have gotten much better at them through time, but I really wanted to share the pattern.

*The photos are  below of the amigurumi are made by me. They are my creation.
*This pattern is NOT my creation, I did not write it. I am simply sharing it. You can find the Original Written Pattern following this Ravelry Link
*Original Pattern is creation of  DD’s Crochet (link to blog here)



Llegaste a la puerta de mi casa una madrugada pre tormenta de Noviembre de 2012.
Estaba lista para ir a trabajar y veo q estabas sentado en la calle mirando para adentro y empezaste a llorisquear y ladrar como hablandome.
“Dejame entrar”
“Dale estoy viejo y cansado”
” Por favor se avecina una tormenta y me asustan”
Vi tus ojos, amorosos y sabios. ¿¡Como no te iba a dejar entrar!?
Ojos de guerreros que vieron pasar muchas noches callejeras, muchos dias de hambre.
Cuerpo con cicatrices de mil batallas , un sobreviviente. Un viejo guerrero.
Con las orejas faltando pedazos, apenas unos dientes, el cranero hundido de algun golpe al cual sanaste cual wolverine canino.-
Las patas chuecas, una pierna torcida por algun auto que no te vio pero seguro siguio de largo luego de pegarte-
La cadera de costado pero con vitalidad para saltar aunque sea dos veces para saludarme cuando llegaba de trabajar.-
INVENCIBLE! Por eso te bautizamos CHUCK NORRIS.-
Eras mi dulce Norris, mi viejito, el sabio regalo de los cielos que vino a bendecirme ya que ni bien te uniste a la familia , enseguida nos enterabamos del milagro de Matias.-
A veces siento que no te dedique el tiempo que merecias, siento que pude cuidarte más. Estos años que justo caiste fueron de tanto cambio y tan locos.
Viste convertirme en soltera sin preocupaciones, a pasar a ser madre, esposa manejando mas cosas de las que a veces podia.-
Perdoname si no pude darte mas caricias, o prestarte atención cuando me mordias los tobillos porque querias jugar.
Espero haberte brindado algo de tranquilidad,seguridad,amor y comfort a tus últimos años viejo querido.
Es hora de que sigas vagueando pero esta vez entre las nubes, saludame a Buck y a Chili Pepper que seguro te esperan para jugar.-
Q.E.P. D. mi viejo Norris-

You came to my door one November morning of 2012 before a big storm.
I was ready to go to work and I saw q you were sitting on the street looking in
and you started to whimper and bark like speaking to me.
“Let me in”
“C’mon I’m old and tired”
“Please storm is coming and I’m scared”
I saw your eyes, loving and wise. How was i not going to let you in!?
Eyes of a warrior who saw too many street nights and many days of hunger.
Scarred body of a thousand battles, a survivor. An old warrior.
With ears missing pieces, only a few teeth, sunken skull from some blow which seemed to heal like you where a canine Wolverine.-
Crooked paws, a crooked leg for some car that did not see you but surely kept on driving after it hit you.
Hip joints old but with enough vitality to jump at least twice to greet me when I came back from work.-
INVINCIBLE! That’s why I named you CHUCK NORRIS.-
You were my sweet Norris, my old man, the wise gift from heavens that came to bless me. As soon as you joined the family,we learned of the miracle of me being pregnant with Matias.-
Sometimes I feel I didn’t give you the attention you deserved, I feel that I could have taken care of you more.
These years were just with so much change and so crazy.
You watched me become from a carefree single woman, to a mother and wife handling more than I could at times.
Forgive me if I could not pet you more, or pay attention to you when you bit my ankles because you wanted to play.
I hope I have provided some security, love and comfort these last final years.
It’s time you continue your journey but this time through the clouds in the sky, say hello to Buck and Chili Pepper for me. Im sure
they are waiting for you to play with them Rest in peace my dear old Norris