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How many of you have gone through a media content craze and deleted half your accounts?
Well its been about six years since I started this site, sharing little things I was interested in but I was about to close it down today.  I don’t have much time like I used to, and to be honest the surge of other social media tools have overpowered others (now a day I’m mostly on Twitter and on Instagram)
Long gone and closed are some of my old Websites,  MySpace, Blogspot accounts and others…. I barely use Tumblr or Pinterest anymore.
I actually had to make an Excel file with pages, emails and passwords to keep up with all the sites, since its not just my personal ones, but I have the site for Amigurumi & Crochet  and some others for bands I work with.

Its exhausting! Seriously, its exhausting…..
And honestly, sometimes you feel that its not worth it , blogging is a dark and lonely place. But then as I opened the tools to see what  masterpiece of personal ranting I would save for eternity…..I noticed that I had over 80,000 hits…..WOW!  Someone out there has been paying attention to what I write, or rant or post or whatever.
Nevertheless I  was determined to keep closing down more sites , I had just closed down two Photobucket accounts and two Yahoo email accounts getting ready to hit  the Delete button on my WordPress.
But in the end…I just couldn’t go through with it.

I have become very much attached to this site, its sort of my personal playground without the 140 character restriction of Twitter, or the endless hashtags of Instagram, or the drama and politically correctness of Facebook.
I know this place is sort of a mess, its in Spanish or English depending my mood, I don’t stay focused on one subject and I am all over the place, but its MY place, its me….
Its my soothing cup of tea.
I just couldn’t do it…simple. i still feel i need this place, my little corner “Queenie’s Corner”.
Has this happened to any of you?  I would love to hear about it, just drop me a comment so I know I’m not the only crazy one.