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We all need a BABY GROOT in our lives!
Its undeniable. !! So here are my two versions of Baby Groot.

One is from Guardians of The Galaxy and the other a more grown up, but still Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For the Baby Groot in the plant pot I followed the pattern that Twinkie Chan posted to her blog right here (Click Me) 

For the Baby Groot in Uniform, I kind of made it up as it goes, but I found a basic similar pattern for the body . I really wish I wrote the stitches down! 20170529_16400320170529_16415520170529_164347

I saw this pattern on line and I loved how simple it was, and also how versatile.
You can mix and match colors and change stitches as you please.
I modified a bit from the original version to make little Zombie, Dracula or Frankenstein Cats.
Here are some rough photos of when i started making the litter of kitties, details still missing of course.
I haven’t made new ones, and I have gotten much better at them through time, but I really wanted to share the pattern.

*The photos are  below of the amigurumi are made by me. They are my creation.
*This pattern is NOT my creation, I did not write it. I am simply sharing it. You can find the Original Written Pattern following this Ravelry Link
*Original Pattern is creation of  DD’s Crochet (link to blog here)